Welcome to Part of that World

Hi! My name is Shyne and welcome to Part of that World!  Part of that world is my personal space to share my experiences and thoughts as I embrace the life of a digital nomad, minimalism, sustainable traveling and personal growth. I created this to share my TRIPS Travel Hacks, Reviews, Itineraries, People and Places, and Stories gathered along the way. All articles are based on my first-hand experiences. 

I believe that life is meant to be lived not inside the four walls of your cubicles. At the same time, I want everyone to advocate a responsible traveling. What does it mean? It means to travel within your means. Traveling is not a sprint nor a marathon. It is a walk in the park. Slow down, deep breath and enjoy every moment outside. Interact with the locals and nature. After all,  Part of your world is part of my world.

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