10 Easy Steps to Make Travel Video Using your Mobile Phone (STE – Same Trip Edit)

Got stuck in the traffic going home from your quick getaway? Why not use that time to edit your fresh travel video. Here are our simple steps on how to create your same trip edit using your mobile phone.

1. Download the Adobe Premiere Clip from the Appstore or Playstore.


2. Create new project, Select your 


3. Edit each video. Drag the timeline to cut each video.

4. Arrange the clips, select the video and drag them to your preferred sequence.


5. Import music. You can choose from your music or the Premiere Clip Themes.


6. Sync the clips to music. You can adjust the speed of the video

7.  Adjust the color/filter to add more dramatic effects.

8.  Your video is almost ready. Edit the preferences to add watermark or video bumper


10. Save or Share your video. Click the share icon. You can now publish your video online or save it to your device.


Got suggestions? or Questions? Feel free to drop your comments below.

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