North to South CEBU 4 Days Itinerary (plus Kalanggaman Island, Leyte)

Cebu is one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines, Situated for just an hour flight away from the Metro Manila. It is the first Spanish settlement here in the Philippines. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Cebu offers a wide array of activities for all kinds of tourists. From laid back experience to adrenaline pumping activities. For foodies don’t go home without trying the famous Lechon Cebu. This travel guide is for our GG travelers out there – which mean for “On the go” pips.

To prove this, we have made this ultimate trip to Cebu for only for 4 days. We traveled from North-South Cebu to check on what the island in store for us. Here’s our infographic itinerary: with ratings


Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 – Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is located 8 Km off from Northern Cebu. You can walk around the island for 3 hours. The 5 hours travel from the heart of Cebu is really worth it to see this island. Why? The island is famous as a diving spot for angelic Thresher shark.

How to get there:

  • From Mactan Internation Airport, ride a cab towards  Cebu North Bus Terminal
  • Take a bus ride to Maya Port via Ceres Bus, Php200/pax *about 5-6 hours trip; you should leave Cebu in the morning for you to catch the boat trip to Malapascua Island.
  • At the Maya Port, ride a public boat going to Malapascua Island ( the first trip is 0630H; the last trip is 1500H; 30 minutes ride)
  • Boat ride and registration to Malapascua, Php 220/pax
  • In case you missed the last trip, you can spend the night at a budget accommodation near the port which is roughly Php 500 per night. OR, charter a private boat which will cost you Php 1,500 – P2.500 cebu

Where to Stay:

Since this was a spontaneous trip, we haven’t booked any accommodations yet. The backpacker’s inn was fully booked when we got there. Luckily, there’s this available spot for camping in front of the under-construction resort.

Our home at Malapascua


For our toilet usage, the tour guide Kuya Elizar, talked to Kuya Ramon, a restaurant owner near our camp site and he only asked for Php 50 per person for the usage of the toilet.

Or you can book your rooms ahead:

Day 2 – Kalanggaman Daytrip – Back to Cebu City

We had a good night sleep on our tent. We woke early to catch the sunrise and get ready for our Kalanggaman Tour. We ask Kuya Elizar to booked us for the tour the next day. We ate breakfast at Mabuhay Resto. Corned beef, scrambled egg with toasted bread and coffee for Php 130.00. We packed up our tent and other stuff and get ready for the boat for Kalanggaman day tour.
The famous sand bar of Kalaggaman Island


The sand is not as fine as it looks but the view here is breathtaking. The tour only costs Php750 per person and buffet is included. What more can you ask for? Swimming/Snorkeling is prohibited at the sand bar because the current is strong there.

Swimming/Snorkeling is prohibited at the sand bar because the current is strong there. You can swim on the other sides of the island.

We arrived at Malapascua Island at around 4pm just in time catch the last trip back to Maya port. We booked the bus back to Cebu City. See you again North Cebu.

We arrived at Cebu City at around 10pm. We checked-in at the pension house near the South bus terminal. It costs only Php 300 per person – enough to charge our gadget before heading to South Cebu. To complete our quick Cebu City tour – we went to Mango Ave. for dinner and grab a bottle of beer.

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Day 3 – Canyoneering, Badian

This is a backpacking where we had a good night sleep! LOL! We wake up early in the morning and get ready to South Cebu for our adrenaline pumping adventure.

partof.word-50ft jump
Conquering the 50 ft. drop


Canyoneering simply means you trek, swim, jump, repeat activity. I thought all the while that the pictures shared on Facebook that the water at the Kawasan Falls is edited. But men, the gossip is true! Indeed the water there is emerald blue or should I say a river of Bluebolt Gatorade? If you’re looking for a one of a kind adrenaline pumping activity – you should try this one. For only Php 1,500, you can experience this. This includes a life vest, tour guide (2:1), helmet, entrance fee, habal-habal ride (motorcycle ride to the starting point)
The famous view of Kawasan falls


POTW Notes:

  • This is a physically demanding activity –  have yourself ready for the trekking and jumping.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. (Your shoes will get wet on this activity)
  • Put your belongings into the dry bag and make sure that your things(especially your gadgets are properly sealed)
  • Enjoy!
partof.word-habalhabal ride
Feeling the wind on our habal-habal ride


How to get there:

  • From Cebu City, Ride a bus bound to Bato via Barili, 3 hours ride for Php 160.00 per person; Tell the driver to drop you off at Badian, this is very well known for canyoneering, I suggest that you call our contact prior taking the bus. First trip is 4am and the last trip is 6pm. Bus departure is continuous with about 30 mins interval or less.

Contact Person: Kuya Ronald – 09058734170

After our canyoneering, we stayed at Sung Xi Beach Resort for camping. Originally, we want to camp at Osemeña peak, but Kuya Ronald suggests to stay at Alegria since there’s no view there because of the thick fog.
Glamping at Sung Xi Resort.

Day 4 – Pescador Island + Sardines run Tour

Again we had a good night sleep at our tent. We woke up on a misty morning as it rained the overnight. The roof cottage in front of our tent was damage – probably because of the strong wind. Kuya Ronald picked us up at around 7 am via habal-habal to Moalboal.

partof.word-pescadoe islandWoke up like this 🙂
Millions of sardines
Turtle spotted


We ended the tour at around 10 am. Freshen ourselves and have lunch near the bus stop going back to Cebu City. We dropped by the Taboan Market ( walking distance from Cebu South Terminal) before going to the airport. Note: Traffic at Cebu City is also unpredictable. Have enough time roughly 3-4 hrs before your flight going to the airport.

Summary of Expenses:

Day 1 – Malapascua Island

•Flight to Cebu Mactan Airport (0600H)
•Cab to North Bus Terminal via grab P200 (P100/pax)
•Bus ride to Maya Port via Ceres P400(P200/pax)
•Boat ride & registration to Malapascua P440 (P220/pax)
•Tent Accommodation – FOC *beachfront*
•Toilet use – P100 (P50/pax)
•Dinner at Mabuhay Resto – P420 (P210each – grilled fish and squid with rice)

Total = P455/pax

Day2 – Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

•Breakfast at Mabuhay Resto – P260 (P130/pax) – corned beef, scrambled egg with toasted bread, coffee & bacon, scrambled egg with toasted bread, coffee
•Packed up
•Kalanggaman Day Tour with buffet lunch – P1500 (P750/pax)
•Back to Malapascua
•Boat ride to Maya Port – P400 (P200/pax)
•Bus ride to North Bus Terminal – P400 (P200/pax)
•Pension House stay – P600 (P300/pax)
•Uber ride to Mango Ave – P74 (P37/pax)
•Dinner/Chill night – P506 (P253/pax)
•Uber ride back to pension house – P120 (P60/pax)
•Sleep/ recharge gadgets 🙂

Total – P1,930/pax

Day3 – Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls + Alegria Beach

•Bus ride to Alegria – P320 (P160/pax)
•Brunch at Badian – P84 (P42/pax)
•Canyoneering – P3000 (P1,500/pax)
•Glamping at Alegria – P500 (P250/pax)
•Dinner (calamares, chopsuey with rice) – P400 (P200/pax)

Total – P2,152/pax

Day 4 – Pescador Island + Sardines Run

•Ride from Alegria to Moalboal – P300 (P150/pax)
•Pescador Island + Sardines Run – P1500 (P750/pax) *private boat*
•Bath usage – P40 (P20/pax)
•Ride to Bus stop – P60 (P30/pax)
•Brunch – P180 (P90/pax)
•Bus back to Cebu – P330 (P115/pax)
•Uber ride to Cebu Mactan Airport – P300 (P150/pax)
•Dinner at Zubochon – P440 (P220/pax)

Total – P1,410/pax

GRAND TOTAL – P5,947/pax

Contact Persons:

• Malapascua + Kalanggaman: Elizar – 09777075802
• Canyoneering: Ronald – 09058734170
• Moalboal Tour – Rodel – 09169649657/09069028503

Got mapped!


This was a spontaneous trip and we don’t have a printed itinerary ahead. We’re so happy because this trip went well. Indeed unplanned trips are the best!

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