The Philippines now have 7,641 islands. Indeed there’s a lot more hidden beaches waiting to be discovered. Jomalig Island (pronounced as “Humalig”) is located at the Easternmost island of Polilio Island, Quezon. The island was often overshadowed by the famous neighboring island such as Balesin Island and Calaguas Island. Due to its remoteness, the island remains unspoiled.

How to get there

  • From Legarda, you can ride a Raymond Bus bound to Infanta Quezon Or ride a van. The van terminal is located few steps away from Raymond Bus Transit Terminal.
  • Tell the driver that you’re going to Jomalig Island. He will drop you at the Real-Patnanungan Port, Real, Quezon. The ride is 3-4 hrs.
  • From the Ungos Port, register first your name and get to the boat bound to Jomalig. The first trip is 6 am and the next one is 10 am. We recommend you to arrive early to secure your spot on the boat. The boat ride is around 5-6 hrs.
  • Upon arrival at the island, the locals will assist you to register at the Tourism booth. The environmental fee is Php 170 per person.

Where to stay

  • You can pitch your tent or rent a cottage at the local resorts. Don’t expect the resorts to be sophisticated.
  • We brought our tent with us and sleep under the stars.

Where to eat

  • You can bring your own foods or ask the locals at the resort to cook food for you.
  •  There are sari-sari stores around Jomalig where you can buy bottled water, fruits or canned goods. Fresh catch also available.

How to get around the island:

You can rent a boat for island tours or rent a habal-habal (motorcycle) to do the inland tours.

Here’s our infographic itinerary:

Jomalig itinerary

POTW Tips:

  • If you don’t have lots of baggage, we recommend riding the van. This is our mistake. We waited for the long queue on the bus only to realized that there’s an available van terminal nearby.
  • On the boat, sit on the 2nd flr of the boat to catch more air and wear your comfortable clothes.


Kadena Resort: Tatay Ben – 0939-2381300 / 0915-0420137 / 0909-7755317

Quezon Province Tourism Office: Ms. Kelly Bautista –  0922-9491145

Acting Tourism Officer of Municipal Tourism Office:  Mr. Elmer A. Gariguez – (042) 795-0600.


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  1. Oh I wish I lived close enough to travel here! All the beaches sound amazing!

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    This is also a frequent hub of some music festivals, am i right?

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