Taean Tulip Festival (태안 튤립 축제) Travel Guide

Ever since I was little I always dreamed of seeing a real cherry blossom (sakura). In fact, I used to make one tree in MS Paint when I was a kid. Last year, my dream come true – though it’s not yet the Hanami in Japan.  I got a cheap flight to South Korea at Spring.

Unfortunately,  It rained hard a week before our trip. Which means that low chance of spotting the cherry blossoms in full bloom. With this, I looked for an alternative on what to see in Korea in Spring. I came across this world class tulips festival. The view is so amazing, Imagine you’re in a field full of tulips. It feels like I’m inside a classic painting. Traveling this far is really worth it and gives me ghost bumps.

Festival Period: 04.13.2017 ~ 05.10.2017 – Finished

How to get there:

  • From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, Take intercity bus to Taean ( ₩9,000)
  • From Taean Bus Terminal take city bus line no.9 to Geomseom 곰섬 (₩2200)
  • Get off in Taean flower festival in a small alley and walk around 15 minutes to the festival area

Entrance Fee: ₩7,000 for foreigners

There’s a Lantern festival at night but we need to go back to Seoul early. We’re unable to see but they said it’s very recommended.

When we arrived at Taean Bus terminal, there’s no English translation on the board. It will be handy if you’ll have a Hangul translation of Taean Tulip Festival (태안 튤립 축제)   to ask around on which bus is for the festival


Taean Bus Terminal


We’re greeted by this Canola flowers


colorful field of tulips
Arranged to form the Famous Mona Lisa
Feels like Europe here
#FeelingBlessed to be here

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