It’s been a month since I left the corporate jungle in Manila. I still don’t know what to do in life(P.S. Quarter life crisis let’s say). I’m still on the verge of jumping and I don’t know what lies for me ahead. I decided to book a ticket to thru Traveloka,¬†and set off this spontaneous journey. Luckily, I got some friends to visit there. This is my first-time solo traveling abroad and this is quite challenging – me with my 40L backpack.

Singapore is 3 hours away from my hometown in Iloilo. I got an ILO-CEBU-SG ticket which I discouraged you to make. Why? Because domestic flights in the Philippines requires you to pay for Terminal Fee. Which means you’ll pay the terminal fee twice, one for domestic which cost Php 200 (4 USD) and International terminal fee Php 750 (15 USD) plus the travel tax of Php1,620. I spent Php 2,570 (50 SGD) just for the terminal fee and travel tax. ūüôĀ

I arrived in Singapore at around 2 AM, and my friend booked me an to her house. The driver name is Jerry. Since there is already a passenger in the backseat, I sit in the front seat. He greeted me with a big smile and “Good Morning!”. When he realized that my destination is quite far he told me that it’s quite a long drive and we¬†might get to know a little bit of each other as well.

First, he asked me if this is my first time visiting his country. I told him that I already been here before about 3 years ago. He welcomed me back to his country. He asked me if what to I¬†do and how long will I stay here. I just told him that I’m here to find some stories in his country and I like to write a blog. This caught his attention. He gave me an option if I want to see a sneak peak of the city at night – ¬†this may take quite longer instead of taking the tunnel. “Don’t worry it’s for free!”, he said.¬†“Just a bonus trip for you”. “Why not?”¬†I replied.

He acted as my tour guide around the city. What are the new things here and what are the historical places around the city that are not quite popular yet. One of the things, he told me that I should see Mt. Faber and Henderson Waves – you can view Sentosa from there.


I’m so thankful that I got a very nice and accommodating¬†Uber driver at the wee hours of the morning in a foreign country. It’s very nice here some history of the place from the ’s point of view.


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