Jomalig Island – Habal-habal Tour Review

Jomalig Island is famous for its golden sand beach and turquoise blue water. But it has a lot to offer when we explored the island. We’re amazed at how one island can have different sands. Here’s our review for each beach that we have visited:

1. GANGO SANDBAR  – ♥♥♥♥♥

Jomalig has lots of sand bar, and Gango Sandbar is one of the must see. The vast white unspoiled sandbar as if you’re the first one to step on it. The best thing about this sand bar? Well, the entrance is FREE. Get cameras ready as it is picture perfect.

Entrance Fee: FREE

gango-sandbar - jomalig



We don’t recommend this spot. Aside from the Php 30.00 entrance fee, there’s nothing much to see here aside from the Turtle Rock Formations that are not that appealing. Plus, you need walk long to get to the rock formations. If you want to save time better skip this spot.

Entrance Fee: Php 30.00
jomalig island--canaway-islet


3. ALOG WHITE SAND (Little Boracay) – ♥♥♥♥

Dubbed as the Little Boracay – why? Because of the long stretch of white sand with a lesser crowd and no commercial establishments. Though the sand is not as powdery as Boracay. The water here is not that clear. In fact there are lots of sea grass when we got there.
Entrance Fee – Php 30.00

4. LINGAYEN COVE (Little Batanes) – ♥♥♥♥♥

This is a must-see destination. The little golden cove is enclosed by the huge rock boulders which make it “Batanes-feels”. A perfect spot to cap your day as it offers a scenic view of the sunset. A breathtaking view that will only take you less than 5 minutes to reach the top of this boulder.  Great spot for camping if you want to have the entire place.
Entrance Fee – Php 30.00



5. SADONG RIVER (Kasuguran Golden Beach) – ♥♥♥♥♥

One of the unique spots in the island. This is where the Sadong river meets the sea. The rustic side of the island where the huge black/bluish boulders and golden sand is.

Entrance Fee: FREE

What makes its sands unique is that when you look at closer it looks like quinoa seeds. I say – this should be a healthy beach.


The prime beach of the island. This is the beach that will welcome you when you arrive the island. This is the best spot here – the clear water. This beach is so beautiful and inviting to swim. Have your goggles ready to experience on of the clearest beach in the country.

Entrance Fee: FREE


To sum it all, Jomalig Island is indeed the Land of the Splendid Sands. The view, people and overall experience is so great. Traveling to this island is really worth it. One of a kind island in the Philippines.


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